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fuuuck me i’m in tears

this is too hard to look at 

→ Foods That Will Soon Be Extinct Thanks To Climate Change






Changes in extreme weather and temperature are noticeable everyday with climate change, and an increase of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere has many other negative effects. Crops, growing seasons, and harvesting are all affected by the changing climate, and some foods are in danger of going extinct, meaning, we may never be able to enjoy foods we can’t imagine life without, like a banana or nuts, again, if we don’t take responsibility for our carbon footprint.

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I’m just gonna say that if chocolate coffee and bacon don’t exist then I won’t either..

I was concerned when tequila was the first.

I was in tears by the last post of coffee.


Someone please make sure to kill me before Chocolate becomes extinct yes thanks

WOW! The last three man.

We spread this like wild fire and the world may go nuts.

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The only reason maple syrup is onthe list Is because of all the Canadians.. not climate change. Gosh.


marry someone who has a different favorite cereal than u so they wont eat all of urs

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